Dienstag, 24. August 2010

Diving in "Merouville"

The dive side "merouville" is situated between Corsica and Sardinia next to the Lavezzi islands.

On this place you can find a lots of groupers. They are very docile and curious.

In a depth of 30 meters there are nearly 30 to 40 groupers, some of them are bigger than 1 meter.

After the trip the divers have to wait some minutes in 3 or 6 meters to do their decompression.

Samstag, 21. August 2010


The city of Bonifacio is situated in the south of Corsica. It looks very spectacular build on the cliffs.

For visiting upper town of Bonifacio you have to climb a lot of stairs, but you will get fantastics views, for example the cliff called "grain de sable":

The legend says that this stair (called "escalier du roi d' Aragon") was built in one night:

The old upper town of Bonifacio looks very nice with the small alleyways.