Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012

Trip to „Poilon“ (Assomada, Santiago , Cabo Verde)

On our non-diving day we decided to go to the center, to the mountains of Santiago. We left Tarrafal by “Aluguer” (Taxi for a lot of people). We took a Minibus with seats for 14 people. Finally 19 people and big box of fishes took place in the “Aluguer”. So the one hour trip to Assomada was really an adventure. In Assomada we walked to the 500 years old tree called “Poilon”.in origin  this “Kapoktree “ is from South America. His fruits were used for pillows and they are still used for producing life jackets . The tree was really impressing with his roots and about 25m height.  We never saw a tree which is comparable to this one.

Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012

A magic moment in the Sea (Tarrafal - Santiago - Cabo Verde)

On our dive this morning we had a really special adventure and we were so lucky to, that we had this experience.  We met a moonfish. This was so fascinating and extraordinary that we couldn`t really realize it. He came from the depth of the sea, looked for a moment at us and then he disappeared in the blue of the sea. 

Montag, 24. Dezember 2012

The beach of Tarrafal (Santiago- Cabo Verde)

Like every year we are on Christmas in warmer regions of this world. This year we stay in Cabo Verde. The first impressions of these islands were very strange, because it was so different to Europe. Yesterday we had two very beautiful dives in the Atlantic Ocean. Today, at Christmas Eve, the sea was too stormy to dive. So we went to the beach of Tarrafal and made some pictures of the big waves. These are only some impressions of these very beautiful and friendly islands.

Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

Christmas market

In thousands of towns and villages are currently being held Christmas markets. In the bitter cold and the snow we have today visited one to take a little Christmas cheer with on.
The mulled wine can not be missed.

 At the fountain have been numerous icicles formed.

Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

Winter magic in time for the first Advent

After having last weekend nearly 20 degrees Celsius the temperatures had fallen during the week and  we were here in southern Germany able to spend the 1st Advent in snow. In the evening at sunset mood these pictures are taken. Yet even the cold season has its pleasures, when the sun sinks slowly behind the snow-covered landscape. On such days, is already a snowy bush a unique photo opportunity.

Dienstag, 27. November 2012

Sculptures made of garbage

To draw attention to pollution and overfishing artists have issued "sea creatures" from waste in a large department store in Munich . The fishes and the bird are made ​​from waste from the oceans and beaches. They also represent a nightmare scenario for the future in which there are no living sea creatures but only this garbage creatures. One can only hope that this exhibition contributes to the global exploitation and pollution of the oceans comes more into focus.
This next fish was created with many hundreds of flip-flops that have been found on beaches.

Montag, 26. November 2012

Late autumn at the Ammersee (Bavaria)

South of Munich in "Upper Bavaria", there are numerous lakes located scenically nestling in the hills of this region. Because of the "Fön" (warm wind from the Alps) this weekend we could take dreamlike images from the Ammersee. It was a real pleasure to walk along the lake to enjoy the sun.
 Our shadow in the waters of Lake Ammersee...
For Christmas, everything is already prepared.

Sonntag, 25. November 2012

Kloster Andechs (Bavaria)

Near the Ammersee south of Munich on a mountain is the monastery of Andechs. The monastery is known not only as a place of worship, but also for the art of brewing beer in the world. The monastery was built in the 15th century and today it offers a wonderful view in the surrounding area. Worth seeing is the abbey church, which was built in Baroque style. We would have also enjoyed the special beer in the beer garden of the convent, but in order to the nice weather on this beautiful November day the audience was huge. Therefore, we limited ourselves to a walk on the "Holy Mountain" Andechs.

Sonntag, 18. November 2012

The animals of Nymphaea (Esslingen)

On an island in the Neckar (river) lies very idyllic the zoo Nymphaea. For more than hundred years, is here this small but excellent zoo. The animals can not only be considered but also fed, which particularly pleased the children. Unfortunately, during our visit today, some animals were already in their winter quarters.

The goats were feeded with popcorn.
 The zoo also has a small terrarium and aquarium.
 Not only animals but also plants are on display.
 These rodents are called nutria.

Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

"Straßenbahnwelt Stuttgart" (Tram World)

At Bad Cannstatt (near Stuttgart) a historical tram vehicles museum ("Straßenbahnwelt") can be visited. The trams are housed in a listed tram depot. Streetcars which are older than 100 years were restored detailed and maintained. Furthermore the technique will be explained in more detail. If you like to ride in a historic tram took an opportunity. Due to the rainy weather we decided not to ride with the historic tram. Here are some impressions from the time when the "clock went a little slower" and the tram was the preferred mode of transportation at the city.