Montag, 30. Mai 2011

"The never ending blue..."

Situated at the east end of the Swabian Highlands the small town of Blaubeuren has a "blue hole" as its attraction. This is not only a lake, the "Blautopf" in Blaubeuren is a very deep hole filled with water. At the ground begins a system of caves which is still in process to be explored. Since the last fifty years the caves has been explored by divers with special equipment.

The legend says that the blue belongs to the fact, that every day a ink pot had been poured into the "Blautopf".
The real reason of this endless blue is the diffusion of the spring water in this region (rocks of karst).

The abbey of Blaubeuren is situated near the "Blautopf" and sometimes it is mirroring itself.

The delivery of the source depends on rainfalls. These days it is not really much.

A water wheel in directly neighbourship of the "Blautopf".

Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

"Ulmer Muenster": Highest in the world!

The church "Ulmer Muenster"  built from 1377 to 1543 offers the highest spire of the world. Situated in the south of Germany Ulm has a little more than 100.000 inhabitants but this big church, which is the biggest evangelic one in Germany. To climb up the 768 steps a good physical condition is essential. But the ado will be recompensed by a spectacular view. 
The stairs are really small and you'll get dizzy by walking round and round and round...

The last part to the highest point for visitors to an altitude of 141 m. (the total altitude of the spire amounts 161,53 m).

The wonderful panoramic view from the top:

Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

"Stuttgarter Fernsehturm": First of the world!

Stuttgarts television tower was the first in the world. The construction of this tower released a worldwide boom of television towers like this. Situated high above Stuttgart the view is really amazing.

Some facts about the building and its construction.

Going up by the elevator there are two platforms with a fantastic panoramic view. Stuttgart and the surroundings can be seen from the television tower.

The city center of Stuttgart with "Neues Schloss", the shopping street "Koenigsstrasse" and the controversial debated old railroad station.

A little souvenir made of a 5 Cent coin.

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

Vaudeville-act at "Friedrichsbau Varieté"

The "Friedrichsbau Varieté" in Stuttgart is really a insider tip for everybody who loves art and artist, acrobats and other forms of shows like this. The theater is situated in the heart of Stuttgart. It was opened in 1994 to bring back the old brilliancy of vaudeville shows to Stuttgart. These days the show "Sirens" performed by the group "Bingo" from the Ukraine shows a really fantastic presentation of acrobatic mastery. Unfortunately it was not allowed to take some photos of this fantastic show.

Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

Sightseeing of "Wimsener Höhle"

The "Wimsener Höhle" situated in the "Swabian Highlands" is the only German cave which can be visited by a boat. The boat brings the visitors about 70 m into the rock. Into the cave there are versatile colored rocks and the water is very cold and clear. The second name of the cave "Friedrichshöhle" depends on the fact, that the cave was first visited by the the King "Friedrich of Württemberg" in the year 1803.

Going with the boat into the cave you have to aspirate your head for not activating at the rocks.

The landscapes around the cave are also very nice.

Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Diving at Blindsee (Tyrol, Austria)

The mountain lake "Blindsee" is situated near Lermoos in Austria. The very clear water, many trunks in the lake and a lots of fishes are responsible for special dive adventures there. A lot of very gentle pike-perches and tenches makes you feel like diving in the sea. Furthermore the visibility is superior good than in other comparable lakes. Last but not least the panorama is very beautiful.

Preparation for diving...

... and descending.

Having a barbecue after the dive.

Some more impressions of this lovely mountain lake.