Montag, 20. Februar 2012

"Skyview"- visiting the globe of Stockholm

One of the most spherical building in Stockholm is the "Ericsson Globe". This globe is used for a lot of different cultural and sports events. The visitors can climb the globe into a gondola on the "skin" of the globe. On the top (130m) the panoramic view around Stockholm is really fantastic.

The gondolas are nearly exclusively transparent.

On the top of the building we saw an eagle circling around.

Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

Panoramic view to Stockholm (Sweden)

For having a panoramic view to Stockholm the tower "Kaknästornet" is really suitable. It was planned and built between 1964-1967 and it is about 155 m high (170 m with antenna).  From the upper observatory deck (level 31) the visitor has a very nice view to the capital of Sweden.

A view from the tower to the royal palace (swedish: Kungliga slottet) the official residence of the swedish monarch.

In the south is a verly large dome, called SkyView - the largest spherical building in the world.

For all, which the winter is a little bit too cold outside, in the 30th floor of the tower exists a small restaurant and bar. Here you can take a seat and enjoy the panoramic view from inside.

At the bottom of the tower, in the gift shop, the visitors should take a look behind the racks...

Gamla Stan - The old Stockholm

Situated on a small island, Gamla Stan is the old town of Stockholm. Away from the tourists flows, who push themselves from the monarchy palace, passing a lot of gift shops to the old churches, we have made a trip between the tight streets, through the back yards of these beautiful old houses.

 Behind every corner you can find very nice things...


... letter boxes, ...

...narrow passageways,...

...artistical painted housenumbers,....

... and when you have luck, a laughing dwarf between all trolls.

I think that this small iron man felt cold and got from someone a scarf.

Sometimes when a lot of ice covers the surface, you can hear it crackling an whispering.

Very late it started with snowing.

Vasa - A wonderful sculpture

The Vasa should be the largest warship of the 17th century. King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden let build this ship in 1625. The dutch ship master builder Henrik Hybertsson was brought to sweden for this prestigious project. 1000 oak trees where searched by carpenters and cut just for the Vasa. The construction began in january of 1626. More than 700 wooden sculptures and carvings where build in one year. Some of them with grotesque faces, just to demonstrate the power of swedens marine. Due to a construction fault, the first voyage was not long. Wind blasts put the ship sideways, water goes inside and it sank within a very short time.

After 333 years on the sea ground, the shipwreck was discovered in 1956 and recovered in 1961. Today the Vasa is an extraordinary art treasure. The world's only 17th-Century ship, which is still preserved to over 95 per cent of original parts. A lot of small models demonstrates the splendor and the disaster. It's an unique experience to visit this museum and to see this ship.

Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

Arriving at Stockholm (Sweden)

Today we arrived at our weekend City-trip town Stockholm. We took the yellow Arlanda-Express from the airport to central station of Stockholm.

Our first explorations took us to the old town with its really nice and quaint atmosphere. There are many small streets and very cute pubs and restaurants. The following picture shows the nocturnal view from the "stadshuset" (city hall) to the old town.

Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012


Winter in the south west of Germany

Two weeks ago, we had in Europe a cold snap and the temperatures fell in the basement. Entire regions are frozen and firmly in the hand of father Frost.

Despite the -17 °C, we have made a trip to admire the winter wonderland.


Creations of  nature: a frozen jellyfish...

..and a human face...

A fabulous black & white winter landscape

Frozen stairs...

Meter high icicles...

Sunrise... a fantastic spectacle between fog, sun and shade