Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

The menus on Cape Verde

When you come back from vacation you will usually be asked how the weather and the food. Since we are in Cabo Verde had sunshine all the time this issue is straight forward. But the food can not be described in one sentence, maybe not even describe because you should taste it. Perhaps these images give an impression of excellent food in the restaurants of Tarrafal on Santiago in Cape Verde. To try is definitely Cachupa (stew), the national dish of Cape Verde. While we ate it, but unfortunately not captured on an image.
At Christmas we were in the restaurant "Sol e Luna":

Frequently we also visited the Pizzeria "La Marea", not really kapverdianic but pizza there are everywhere, right?
 This tuna with vegetables we ate at the restaurant "Charrasquiera Mangue Baxu" Tarrafal:

Also on our last night in Espargos (Sal) in "Bar Violao" there were fish:

 Mainly the fish tasted anywhere really excellent and was straight from the sea, which we do not know as Central Europeans.


  1. frischer Fisch ist immer super...Nico hat berichtet, dass sie auch schlechte Refahrungen gehabt habne (Hotelbuffets, etc.), aber hoffentlich habt ihr nur gute gemacht dort:-)

  2. Wir haben nur sehr gute Erfahrungen beim Essen in Cabo Verde gemacht. Im Hotel hatten wir nur Frühstück. Abends waren wir in verschiedenen Restaurants in Tarrafal und haben wirklich vorzüglich gegessen.
    LG J&C