Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

Les Calanche de Piana (Corse)

Passing the west coast of Corsica you find very bizarre rocks and the street is adapt to the cliffs. One of the most beautiful regions of Corsica is situated in the south of Porto and it is called "Calanche de Piana". This spectacular creation of the abrasion is a typical character of the cultural landscapes in Corsica. These rocks are called "Tafoni" (Corsican for big holes) and they were created by the nature based on the variabilities of humidity and temperature. Today "Les Calanche de Piana" is a UNESCO world cultural heritage. The wonderful journey through this so breathtaking beautiful and magic place starts at Porto. Porto is a small seaside resort with an old Genoese tower.

Following the street direction south there are very lovely places to stay. At nearly every point the panoramic view is fantastic.

Observing the rocks some kind of faces and animals can be seen in the rocks.

At the afternoon, when the sun goes down, the rocks of the "Calanche" glow in a very special form, so that you will stay, never go away and be part of this so spectacular nature.

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  1. wie wunderschön...die Farbe des Wassers und die Formen der Felsen sind echt beeindruckend...
    kleine Bemerkung von Nico:es geht um "les calanques", oder?:-)
    lg+einen herrlichen Sonntag aus Tulpenland!