Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

"Minimundus - Bodensee" (Germany)

Situated near the "Lake Constance" the theme park "Minimundus" shows famous buildings from all over the world. Here it is possible to see about 50 attractions in benchmark 1:25.

The "sphinx" and "Cheops" pyramid in the background should not be missed.

This castle called "Linderhof" was built from King Ludwig II of Bavaria and is situated in Austria.

The very famous "Leaning tower of Pisa" seen as an archetype.

 The "Tower Bridge" in London:

Traveling through Europe the worlds famous sacred building the "St. Basil's Cathedral"
in Moscow can be visited.

The "weight house" dating from the 16th century with the "Alkmaar Cheese market" can also be marved by the visitors.

There are also some famous modern buildings, like the "Burj al Arab" (Hotel). This model has an altitude of about 13m.

Going west you will find the sinking "Titanic" and of course one of the most famous statue of the world, the "Statue of Liberty" in New York.

I don't think that the passengers of this roller coaster really have fun. It is a little bit fast, but really funny;-)

Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

Impressions of cascades, rivers, fjords and becks in Troms and Finnmark (Norway)

The north of Norway is full of "water". Many lakes, rivers, fjords and cascades with their spectacular transportation of this wet element can especially be watched in spring. This beautiful "scenes of water" and mountains were seen near Tromso at Ramsfjorden, Ulfsfjorden and Lyngenfjorden.

Thousands of cascades one more spectacular than the other can be seen in this part of Norway.
These cascades and river were photographed in Reisadalen.

Fantastic panorama view to the Kvaenangen from the Gildetun Fjellstua.

Midnight sun at Alta River.

No ending water at the cascades at the high valley  Sennelandet.


 Night-time sun and atmosphere at Ramfjordbotn.

Samstag, 18. Juni 2011

Mini-Cruise in Oslo-Fjord (Norway)

Around Oslo there exists a lot of water and some attractions can be best-watched by the sea. At the Nobel Peace Center the Mini-Cruise with "Helena" is beginning.

The Oslo Radhuset (City Hall) was built from 1931 to 1950.

The Akershus Fortress is a Medieval castle which was built in 1299.

A very modern building is the new Opera House. It was completet in 2008 and allegorize an iceberg.

The ship is also passing some islands of the Oslo-Fjord.

We ended our trip at the Museum Island Bygdoy. There are several museums like thisone of the "Fram" and the expeditions of Amundsen.

Freitag, 17. Juni 2011

Holmenkollen - Oslo (Norway)

The "Holmenkollen" in Oslo is Norways most visited tourist attraction. This first design-ski jump is really cult. Since more than 100 years this place is used for wintersport activities.

Near the ski jump there is the Ski Museum situated, which shows 4000 years of skiing history and some relicts (old skis) from modern skistars like Ole Einar Bjoerndalen. The development oft the Holmenkollen ski jump in exemplars is also be showed. Furthermore there exists a Ski Simulator where you can jump down the "Holmenkollen".

Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Oslo: Changing the Guard at "Det Kongelige Slottet" (Norway)

At the End of the "Karl Johans gate" (boulevard) the castle (Det Konelige Slottet) is situated. The building structure of the castle was completed in 1836. If there is a member of the royal familiy present, the flag is to be hoised.

Every day at 13:30 the "changing the guard" can be followed. The guards are walking behind the band from the "Karl Johans gate" in front of the castle. This spectacle is watched by a lot of tourists.

Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

Hammerfest: The most northern town of the world (Norway)

The city of Hammerfest is situated at the island Kvaloya. To come to this island you have to pass this bridge above the “Kvalsund”.

The symbol of Hammerfest is the polar bear.

One of the attractions in Hammerfest is the Meridian Column.

From the sightseeing point Salen you will have a beautiful panoramic view to this arctic city.

The clock at the tower shows that it is 11:43 pm and it is lightened.

So some moments later we made this picture of the midnight sun in Hammerfest.

Montag, 13. Juni 2011

Trip to the North Cape Part II: Alta – North Cape (Norway)

The second part of our trip to the North Cape started in Alta. Alta is a small modern town with an UNESCO World Heritage called “Helleristninger” (prehistorical rockart).

The fishes are hanging there to be dried.

Passing beautiful landscapes on the further way to the north the plants are changing. There are less trees and more and more tundra. Of course you have to be careful for the elks..

Before achieving the island of the North Cape called “Mageroya” this tunnel has to be passed. It is one of the longest (6,87 km) tunnels below the sea in the world. Furthermore the deepest point is 212 m under the surface. 

After the tunnel normally the fog begins but there are still some kilometres to go.

The symbol of the North cape is the globe on the rocks. The North Cape is the most northern point in Europe which can be achieved by car. In the past days it was really an adventure to come to this point. Today it is … a magic place although there is an “amusement park” with restaurants, shops and bars around this rock.