Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013

"Graffiti" in Cabo Verde

In Cabo Verde, mainly on Sal, we noticed some graffiti that maybe are not spectacular, but they are  very particularly. At the airport "Amilcar Cabral" in Sal entire walls were embellished outside the airport building. Here, above all, these graffitis are made ​​to the country typical things, such as salt marshes, music and tourism terms.
 Advertising for a night club in Cape Verdean way.
 In Espargos we found this pretty pictures and a love letter to Cape Verde.

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

The animals of Cabo Verde

During our stay in Cape Verde we have encountered many animals. A few of you we were able to hold on photos. Very cute and colorful it the following bird called Kingfisher.
 The cows looked much more emaciated than in Europe.
 In low bushes, there were countless spiders with their artistically woven nets.
 Typical for Africa: locusts.
 On the beach we came across these monkeys.

Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

Effects in the snow

During our weekend ski trip to Brand (Austria), there were wonderful effects. Because of the artificial snow slopes there were formed several rainbows (partly complete circles) sometimes intertwined. One could think that we've added this effects the photo, but this is not quite sure of the case. The rainbows were fascinating and incredibly unique.

Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

The menus on Cape Verde

When you come back from vacation you will usually be asked how the weather and the food. Since we are in Cabo Verde had sunshine all the time this issue is straight forward. But the food can not be described in one sentence, maybe not even describe because you should taste it. Perhaps these images give an impression of excellent food in the restaurants of Tarrafal on Santiago in Cape Verde. To try is definitely Cachupa (stew), the national dish of Cape Verde. While we ate it, but unfortunately not captured on an image.
At Christmas we were in the restaurant "Sol e Luna":

Frequently we also visited the Pizzeria "La Marea", not really kapverdianic but pizza there are everywhere, right?
 This tuna with vegetables we ate at the restaurant "Charrasquiera Mangue Baxu" Tarrafal:

Also on our last night in Espargos (Sal) in "Bar Violao" there were fish:

 Mainly the fish tasted anywhere really excellent and was straight from the sea, which we do not know as Central Europeans.

Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

"Big, beautiful and magic fishes" (Santiago - Cabo Verde)

In our diving holiday we were very lucky and saw some very large fish. Normally, we pay more attention to the little things in the sea, but these fish were not to see it. With very strong current, we first saw the jacks, which looked at us and determined 50 - 100 cm tall timber.
 A short time later then appeared on the same dive, the moonfish. Starr admiring this unique creature we enjoyed looking at him and watching. One wonders why he came straight to us. A fish from the depths of the ocean has visited us, seen perhaps felt uninteresting and has disappeared. A truly magical moment, which was given us fortunate children here.
The next day we were again very lucky when diving. At the end of the dive we saw these ray with a 1m diameter. A few feet away was another smaller ray, but of us employed in view of the size of this specimen less. His disappearance in the vastness of the sea looks really out majestically. What a beautiful fish ....


Pedra de Lume (Sal - Cabo Verde)

Pedra de Lume means fiery rock and is the salt in a crater of an extinct volcano on the island of Sal. Already in the 19th Century the salt was proftably mined. In the twenties of the last century, even a cable car was built to carry away the salt. Then 25 tons of salt per hour were promoted. End of the 20th Century the production of salt was then set up to minimal house production. Today you can visit as a tourist the salt water to bathe or cover themselves entirely from salt.

Mittwoch, 2. Januar 2013

Praia da Ribeira da Prata (Santiago- Cabo Verde)

On our holidays here on Cabo Verde we went to a very beautiful beach in Ribeira da Prata. The black sand is very fine and there was really nobody on this beach. For sorrow on this day the wind was very strong so it was not really a pleasure to stay on the beach. The sand has been going everywhere, but it is a very nice place to stay on days with less wind. Walking down the street the view to the beach is very spectacular.