Sonntag, 29. Mai 2011

"Ulmer Muenster": Highest in the world!

The church "Ulmer Muenster"  built from 1377 to 1543 offers the highest spire of the world. Situated in the south of Germany Ulm has a little more than 100.000 inhabitants but this big church, which is the biggest evangelic one in Germany. To climb up the 768 steps a good physical condition is essential. But the ado will be recompensed by a spectacular view. 
The stairs are really small and you'll get dizzy by walking round and round and round...

The last part to the highest point for visitors to an altitude of 141 m. (the total altitude of the spire amounts 161,53 m).

The wonderful panoramic view from the top:

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  1. wunderschöne Fotos! ich war einmal in Ulm, bin aber noch nie hochgegangen...eine schöne Woche von mir:-)