Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

"Minimundus - Bodensee" (Germany)

Situated near the "Lake Constance" the theme park "Minimundus" shows famous buildings from all over the world. Here it is possible to see about 50 attractions in benchmark 1:25.

The "sphinx" and "Cheops" pyramid in the background should not be missed.

This castle called "Linderhof" was built from King Ludwig II of Bavaria and is situated in Austria.

The very famous "Leaning tower of Pisa" seen as an archetype.

 The "Tower Bridge" in London:

Traveling through Europe the worlds famous sacred building the "St. Basil's Cathedral"
in Moscow can be visited.

The "weight house" dating from the 16th century with the "Alkmaar Cheese market" can also be marved by the visitors.

There are also some famous modern buildings, like the "Burj al Arab" (Hotel). This model has an altitude of about 13m.

Going west you will find the sinking "Titanic" and of course one of the most famous statue of the world, the "Statue of Liberty" in New York.

I don't think that the passengers of this roller coaster really have fun. It is a little bit fast, but really funny;-)


  1. The real thing is always better but this is also fun. Very close to where we live you also have such a place called Marudodam.


  2. did not know about it...very cute:-)