Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

Trip to Uscio and San Rocco (Ligure, Italia)

Uscio situated in the mountains near Portofino has a really lovely church and you can visit there the "Museo Orologi". For sorrow the museum was closed but we saw some examples around the museum and the manufactory.
Back by the seaside next to Camogli, San Rocco shows a really spectacular view to the "Golfo Paradiso".
The nice little mermaid was seen on a door in San Rocco.

St. Margherita Ligure seen by the seaside (Italy)

The peninsula of Portofino has a lot of very beautiful old villages and towns like St. Margherita Ligure. The coast is cropped with a lot of really spectacular villas and nice houses which sometimes looks like small castles. They are adapted into the region and on the hills. The town of St. Margherita is really a worth seeing place not only by the seaside.

Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

Diving Liguria - St. Margherita - Ligure (Italia)

Once again we went diving to the area "Marina Protetta di Portofino" for having some nice dives. Although the visibility was not as well as the last time (because of the rain some days ago) we had some very nice dives on beautiful places with lots of fishes and a very big wreck. This wreck called "Mohawck deer" was carried from Genoa to La Spezia and sunk in 1962 during the very rough sea. But not only this wreck is an attraction on this place. Many small animals (very nice snails), beautiful plants and corals with wonderful colours and a lot of big fishes (for example groupers or morays) makes this region to a very attractive diving place in the Mediterranian.

Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

Scenic coast of Zoagli (Ligure, Italia)

The coast of Liguria between Genoa and La Spezia is a really very nice freckle of the Mediterranian. Old villa quarters, a beautiful seaside, many nice bays with romantic beaches and of course the chichi atmosphere makes this region to a very nice place for staying on holiday. Zoagli is one of these very nice villages with all these characeristics. On this warm October afternoon a walk along the coast around Zoagli is really a blissfullness.

Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

Autumn impressions

Although in autumn the sun is having less power and the days are getting more and more short this season has his own attractions. Colorful forests, spectacles of fog and small animals catching the last shafts of sunlights are only a little section of this beautiful nature in autumn.

Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

"Tübingen" - picturesque and cosmopolitan town

Situated in the south of Stuttgart at the "Neckar" (river) Tübingen is one of the most well-known university cities in Germany. More than a quarter of the nearly 80.000 inhabitants of Tübingen are students. They, the historical buildings and the charming position gives Tübingen a very special air. Today Tübingen is also the capital of the administration district of south of "Württemberg". On nice days like today it is really a pleasure to dander along the Neckar or visiting the old town with its alleyways and very nice corners.

Samstag, 15. Oktober 2011

A football afternoon

To watch a football match is really an event. Not only because of the activity of the players visiting a stadium is worthwhile. Watching the other people and the incidents around the playing field is really interesting. On this very nice October afternoon the team of VfB Stuttgart played against TSG Hoffenheim. The stadium in Stuttgart was rebuilt during the last two years and is nowadays a very nice arena for watching football.

 During the first half both teams were unlucky in shooting goals.
At the beginning of the second half the team of Stuttgart shot a very well worth seeing goal.
After the goal the fans of Stuttgart were very happy...

Some minutes later Stuttgart got a penalty.
Result: Stuttgart - Hoffenheim 2:0

Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

A visit at "Porsche Museum" in Stuttgart

The "Porsche Museum" at Stuttgart- Zuffenhausen was opened in 2009. Located near the factory of Porsche not only the building is also of course the cars inside are a really attraction for Stuttgart.

Porsche creates since a lot of years dreams with its sports cars.
These cars of the 1950's were built in Austria in Gmünd.

The cars have their special design since a long time ago.
They look nobel and classic and they are furthermore sportive. All these characteristics let them be a legend.

Porsche plays also an important role in motor sports.

This Police car was a present from Porsche to the federal land of "Baden-Württemberg".

The Porsche 911 is one of these cars which propagate the myth of Porsche.

In these days there was an exhibitions of artist from south America which designed Porsche bonnets to their ideas.