Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011


"La Guadeloupe" is situated in the Caribbean. You can find there everything for a fantastic holiday.

"l`arbre du voyageur"
The east end of Guadeloupe "Pointe des Châteux". The picture shows "Pointe des Colibris" and in the background there is the island "La Desirade".
In Guadeloupe there are a lot of beautiful flowers and orchidaceous like the "Balisier rouge".
Nearly every sunset is more spectacularly than the last one.
 Thousands of colourful corals, plants and fishes seen near "Plage de Malendure".
Wonderful beaches like this near "Pointe Allègre" in " Basse-Terre".


  1. sehr schöne Fotos,
    bis bald...

    Alex & Véronique

  2. mein Paradies....wunderschöne Fotos, bisous+schöne neue Woche:)))