Sonntag, 6. März 2011

Sellaronda (Dolomites, Italy)

The "Sellaronda" is a very beautiful circuit on skis around the "Sella Massif" in the Dolomites.
It is possible to start this circuit in different places, for example in "Kolfuschg" (Colfosco).

If you are lucky you will have on your trip views like these.

The "Porta Vescovo" is the highest point during the trip.

There is furthermore to pass the sunshiny skiarea "Belvedere- Fassa".

Everywhere there are signs for the slopes. So loosing the right way is really impossible.

The amazing rocks of the "Sella Massif" are always in the center.

Wonderful nature in reality more spectacular than any picture is able to show.

Skiarea "Rodella" on the way to "Wolkenstein" and back to "Kolfuschg".

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