Montag, 30. Mai 2011

"The never ending blue..."

Situated at the east end of the Swabian Highlands the small town of Blaubeuren has a "blue hole" as its attraction. This is not only a lake, the "Blautopf" in Blaubeuren is a very deep hole filled with water. At the ground begins a system of caves which is still in process to be explored. Since the last fifty years the caves has been explored by divers with special equipment.

The legend says that the blue belongs to the fact, that every day a ink pot had been poured into the "Blautopf".
The real reason of this endless blue is the diffusion of the spring water in this region (rocks of karst).

The abbey of Blaubeuren is situated near the "Blautopf" and sometimes it is mirroring itself.

The delivery of the source depends on rainfalls. These days it is not really much.

A water wheel in directly neighbourship of the "Blautopf".

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