Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

Underwater life around Gozo

The mediterenean sea around the maltese islands is sometimes very rough. For this reason the underwater life is very multifaceted. We had luck and mostly very calm sea. On some of our dives we took a lot of time and  tried to find some of the small and beautiful sea creatures. We had a lot of enjoyable encounters with them, some very surprising and just for a few seconds. The animals often seek to escape from our air bubbles.

Tube anemones usually live in caves and move their long arms with the movement of the water. On danger they can pull their arms back quickly.
Between the rocks eyes of shrimps and small crabs  lights up in the light ray of our diving lamp.
Stingrays often hide themselves in the sand and prefer to escape when they are discovered.
Jellyfishes (Pelagia noctiluca) dance with the lightrays in the water.
You can find these bearded fireworms (Hermodice carunculata) everywhere, on the rocks, on sandy ground and between seaweed.
This pair dont stop staring into the sky.


A holiday theme at the bottom of the sea
This sea slug (flabellina) moves gracefully like a dancer in the water.
The turbellarian is very, very small. But we found one of them between the algae.

Slipper lobsters are nocturnal animals and you can find them in all warm oceans and seas. So far we have seen these animals always individually. During this dive there where two. They have felt each other with theiy blue antennas.


  1. there is SOOOO much beauty underwater! your jelly-fish SHOT is sublime!!!and I have never seen the lobsters in a pair either...

  2. ...btw, we saw in one dive 4 slipper lobster! Nico almost bumped in one and he did not see it:-)))

  3. i hope, they survived both .... ;-) lol
    lg von uns