Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

Atomium (Brussels)

Visiting the Atomuim in Brussels was one of our childhood dreams and now we did it. The monument of an iron crystal was built in 1958 because of the world exhibition in Brussels. The height of the Atomium is more than 100 m and every ball has a diameter of 18 m. From the top the view to Brussels is really fantastic. But not only the view is spectatcular to go through the tunnels from one ball to another is also an adventure.



  1. Great monument, I also wrote an article about it. It was not warm but I was lucky with the sun.


  2. I have never been inside, just saw it from outside...thanks for the tour:-))

  3. @Filip and Kristel: I visited also your article. Thank you, It's very nice. During our visit it was a little bit cloudy but very hot (... also inside). A lot of greetings to Belgium.

    @Jana: Maybe on your next travel to Brussels? This building merits always a visit. Viele Grüße von uns.