Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012

Trip to „Poilon“ (Assomada, Santiago , Cabo Verde)

On our non-diving day we decided to go to the center, to the mountains of Santiago. We left Tarrafal by “Aluguer” (Taxi for a lot of people). We took a Minibus with seats for 14 people. Finally 19 people and big box of fishes took place in the “Aluguer”. So the one hour trip to Assomada was really an adventure. In Assomada we walked to the 500 years old tree called “Poilon”.in origin  this “Kapoktree “ is from South America. His fruits were used for pillows and they are still used for producing life jackets . The tree was really impressing with his roots and about 25m height.  We never saw a tree which is comparable to this one.


  1. wunderschöne Baumdetails...warme Grüsse aus Bangkok, leider ist das Tauchen vorbei, einen guten Rutsch und bis bald:-))) vieeeel Spass euch noch+tolle UW-Meetings:-)))

  2. Incredible tree ! What stories it would have to tell.

    Happy New Year !