Freitag, 15. Februar 2013

The Alps from above

On our return flight from Bari to Stuttgart we had beautiful weather and an incredibly clear view of the Alps. You could  hardly get enoug at this fantastic panorama.
 In the end, we had yet this magnificent view to the "Lake of Constance".


  1. Good quality shots, did you clean the window before using the camera.


  2. simply fantastic....we had this once coming back from Sardinia...the lady next to us asked us (we couldnot stop taking pictures for 15 min): are you first time on a plane;-)))very cute!

  3. des images magnifiques vues du ciel ! c'est magique
    le survol des alpes !
    le pont sur mon blog est sur la saône à Mâcon !
    je vous souhaite un super dimanche

  4. The Alps look amazing, going on and on, a beautiful sight!