Montag, 1. April 2013

Sun ... and plants (botanical garden Tübingen)

After the sun was seen rarely in the last days and the winter hardly still goes into extra time, it was a relief that the sun was shining today, finally. Unfortunately, it was pretty cold, but it was a priority for us once again see green plants. A botanical garden, like this one in Tübingen, is ideal to watch plants from all over the world. Outside, there were hardly flowering plants, but we found these two beautiful flowers.
 In the greenhouses, there was much more to look at flowers and blossoms such as this "Strelizie".

  Particularly green, the world appears in the tropical house.


  1. fantastic colours, sunny+cold here(in tulipland too)...some flowers remind me of gwada!xxx+have a good new week!

  2. schöne Blumen, schöne Farben un das licht ist auch ganz toll

  3. Nice to see you found some colour outdoors. That 2nd shot looks like what we called a 'prairie crocus' which we had in our back yard when we lived in Calgary, AB. Now that we spend winters in warm Florida we see many of those tropical plants outdoors here - and even some in our yard !

    Lovely shots.