Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Vallée du Fangu (Balagne, Corse)

The Fangu in the north of Corsica near Calvi is known as very nice place for having a bath. The river Fangu builts during the course basins with some meters of depth. Here bathing is really a delight with a special panoramic view.

"Pietra" is the beer from Corsica. It is made with chestnuts and has the speciale taste of Corsica.

The end of the valley is bordered by some of the highest mountains of Corsica. The mountain with the hole is called Capu Tafunatu.


  1. beer-drinking and river-bathing:-)))sounds and looks perfect!!!

  2. Ha I see Jana has already been here. I saw already a few blog articles about Corse, and I am always impressed.