Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

Tête de cheval, tête d'Indien (Lavezzi, Corse)

On the west end of the Lavezzi islands there is a very special dive side called "tête de cheval". In the depth of about 18 meters there are very special cliffs, they look like a head of a horse. Near this rock there is another "head" formed by rocks which looks like a head of an Indian. Furthermore there are a lot of tunnels and cleavages to dive through. These really spectacular rocks are full of all the little animals and plants of the Mediterranean with its wunderful colours and very beautiful sculputres.

At the end of our dive we also saw some barracudas. These fishes looks so royal by swimming slowly around the rocks and divers.

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  1. awesooooome! ich tauche virtuell mit euch:-)))merci beaucoup....einfach herrlich dsa Foto mit der roten Koralle!