Sonntag, 18. November 2012

The animals of Nymphaea (Esslingen)

On an island in the Neckar (river) lies very idyllic the zoo Nymphaea. For more than hundred years, is here this small but excellent zoo. The animals can not only be considered but also fed, which particularly pleased the children. Unfortunately, during our visit today, some animals were already in their winter quarters.

The goats were feeded with popcorn.
 The zoo also has a small terrarium and aquarium.
 Not only animals but also plants are on display.
 These rodents are called nutria.


  1. how lovely! we really like the nutrias and their video! eine wunderschöne neue Woche aus den Niederlanden!

  2. The third is a sulphur crested cockatoo, an Australian bird. Looks to be quite an interesting zoo with underwater displays and plants also.