Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

Randonnee au bassin bleu - Guadeloupe

Having a walk through the tropical rainforest is one of these must have done in Guadeloupe.
We decided to have a trip to the “basin bleu”. It is situated next to the volcano “La Soufriere”.

First the way to our destination was really a little bit wet and muddy.

But the wunderful nature of the rainforest compensated these little imponderables.

Thirty minutes later we achieved the "bassin bleu".

All around there had been waterfalls. A really fantastic spectacular nature.

On our way back we noticed above all many very beautiful and nice flowers and plants, like this very big bloom of a bird-of-paradise flower and the big elephant ear.

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  1. hmmmm, weird:-) we did not see u there...we went the last three days to Bassin Bleu too:-) ...of course the one next to St Anne...in Reunion:-)))
    lovely blog entry+"promenade au vert"!