Montag, 2. Januar 2012

Plongee au Reserve Cousteau – Ilets Pigeon (Guadeloupe)

Diving at the “Reserve Cousteau” near the “Plage de Malendure” is really a pleasure. Today we were so lucky to  see so many beautiful things in this very big aquarium around the islands of Pigeon.
We stayed next to the turtle about 8 minutes and observed her. All the other fishes and corals we show here are seen on the divesides of “Jardin de Corail” and “Piscine”. Being under water and watching this wonderful world is one of the most beautiful things we ever did. This world is so colourful and filled with life everywhere.

The next fish is about 50 cm long and is called "Thazard".

The fish shown below is called web burrfish.

Lionfishes are also found today in the Caribbean. Some years ago they were reached out of a aquarium in Florida into the sea.

This little "crab" isn`t bigger than a coin.


  1. Very nice picture, I like snorkeling but don't dare to try diving. Enjoy your holiday.


  2. simply gorgeous....we know why we we all just adore this place:-)))