Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

Ride on Krk (Croatia)

In search of the sun and to beautiful dive sites we went to Croatia. Unfortunately, the island of Krk has received very heavy rain and wind. After the rain has abated somewhat we did a little tour of the island and saw among other places the beautiful towns Vrbnik and Baska. Unfortunately, the vineyards have fallen victims to the heavy rains. Nevertheless, we have found a few nice shots along the coast.


  1. Good serie of pictures, for me the 4th one is fantastic.


  2. The buildings and coastline itself look fascinating. I hope the vineyards will recover from being so wet.

  3. thanks for the looks like a lot of water fell down:(( Ilove the pic of the fruit tree, are these quinces?:-)

  4. Hi Jana,

    we also didn't know what fruits these are but we asked a friend from Italy and he said that these is a type of oranges.