Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013

"Graffiti" in Cabo Verde

In Cabo Verde, mainly on Sal, we noticed some graffiti that maybe are not spectacular, but they are  very particularly. At the airport "Amilcar Cabral" in Sal entire walls were embellished outside the airport building. Here, above all, these graffitis are made ​​to the country typical things, such as salt marshes, music and tourism terms.
 Advertising for a night club in Cape Verdean way.
 In Espargos we found this pretty pictures and a love letter to Cape Verde.


  1. One person's 'graffiti' is another person's artwork. These are striking.

  2. I love street art and all these graffiti are beautiful !
    wish you a nice weekend

  3. the first three pictures look more like masterpieces from an art museum! Nico brought also one amazing painting from cabo verde, i love it! so colourful+happy! thanks for this art-colours-tour+happy weekend from still white tulipland!