Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

"Big, beautiful and magic fishes" (Santiago - Cabo Verde)

In our diving holiday we were very lucky and saw some very large fish. Normally, we pay more attention to the little things in the sea, but these fish were not to see it. With very strong current, we first saw the jacks, which looked at us and determined 50 - 100 cm tall timber.
 A short time later then appeared on the same dive, the moonfish. Starr admiring this unique creature we enjoyed looking at him and watching. One wonders why he came straight to us. A fish from the depths of the ocean has visited us, seen perhaps felt uninteresting and has disappeared. A truly magical moment, which was given us fortunate children here.
The next day we were again very lucky when diving. At the end of the dive we saw these ray with a 1m diameter. A few feet away was another smaller ray, but of us employed in view of the size of this specimen less. His disappearance in the vastness of the sea looks really out majestically. What a beautiful fish ....



  1. hallo ihr zwei lieben Taucher! tolle blauen Filme, ich habs auch richtig genossen, wie tief habt ihr den getaucht übrigens? war es eher entspannt (wie in Gwada) oder bisschen komplizierter/ btw with current/etc.? eine wunderschöne neue Woche von uns aus Tulpenland!

  2. Wonderful videos - something I would never be able to see. That ray looked quite graceful as it swam away.

  3. how fantastic it must be to swim with fishes !