Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

Impressions of cascades, rivers, fjords and becks in Troms and Finnmark (Norway)

The north of Norway is full of "water". Many lakes, rivers, fjords and cascades with their spectacular transportation of this wet element can especially be watched in spring. This beautiful "scenes of water" and mountains were seen near Tromso at Ramsfjorden, Ulfsfjorden and Lyngenfjorden.

Thousands of cascades one more spectacular than the other can be seen in this part of Norway.
These cascades and river were photographed in Reisadalen.

Fantastic panorama view to the Kvaenangen from the Gildetun Fjellstua.

Midnight sun at Alta River.

No ending water at the cascades at the high valley  Sennelandet.


 Night-time sun and atmosphere at Ramfjordbotn.

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