Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

"Marina Protetta di Portofino" - diving experiences - Liguria (Italy)

Fantastic dive sides, thousands of fishes and wonderful nature can be found in the underwater natural park of Portofino. Diving there is really a great pleasure.

The dive side "Faro" (Punta Portofino): There were a lot of really very big groupers and some very handsome octopuses.

The dive side "Altare":

The dive side "Punta Vessinaro" with its inhabitants (for example morays)

The dive side "Secca Gonzatti" with millions of fishes in the deep blue.


  1. great to dive with you again:-)))thanks for all those nice pictures! wünsche euch zwei einen guten Rest der Woche....

  2. Nice diving picture, I see Jana has also visited. Funny.