Montag, 13. Juni 2011

Trip to the North Cape Part II: Alta – North Cape (Norway)

The second part of our trip to the North Cape started in Alta. Alta is a small modern town with an UNESCO World Heritage called “Helleristninger” (prehistorical rockart).

The fishes are hanging there to be dried.

Passing beautiful landscapes on the further way to the north the plants are changing. There are less trees and more and more tundra. Of course you have to be careful for the elks..

Before achieving the island of the North Cape called “Mageroya” this tunnel has to be passed. It is one of the longest (6,87 km) tunnels below the sea in the world. Furthermore the deepest point is 212 m under the surface. 

After the tunnel normally the fog begins but there are still some kilometres to go.

The symbol of the North cape is the globe on the rocks. The North Cape is the most northern point in Europe which can be achieved by car. In the past days it was really an adventure to come to this point. Today it is … a magic place although there is an “amusement park” with restaurants, shops and bars around this rock.


  1. so wunderschöne fotos! seid ihr mit auto oder mit dem boot oder mit beides unterwegs?

  2. Wir sind nach Tromso geflogen und waren dann fuenf Tage mit dem Auto unterwegs...