Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

"Starnberger See" visited by boat

The "Starnberger See" is a lake situated in the south of Munich. It is one of these many lakes in the alpine upland. On a beautiful day like today a visit is really a pleasure. Many people had the same idea and chartered a boat to have a trip at the lake.

The city of Starnberg is situated in the north of the lake. It is a small Bavarian town with typical houses and of course a very nice promenade.

We decided to rent a boat with electric motor to enjoy the calm and the last shafts of sunlights in this beautiful late summer.

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  1. herrlich schön und entspannend, wir haben am sonntag bei 28 grad in NL eine 50-km Fahrradtour gemacht!vielle lg+smiles...