Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

"Tübingen" - picturesque and cosmopolitan town

Situated in the south of Stuttgart at the "Neckar" (river) Tübingen is one of the most well-known university cities in Germany. More than a quarter of the nearly 80.000 inhabitants of Tübingen are students. They, the historical buildings and the charming position gives Tübingen a very special air. Today Tübingen is also the capital of the administration district of south of "Württemberg". On nice days like today it is really a pleasure to dander along the Neckar or visiting the old town with its alleyways and very nice corners.


  1. wie märchenhaft die Stadt...da war ich noch nicht! danke für die digitale Reise, lg + einegute neue Woche ab morgen!

  2. Again a very beautiful Geramn city.