Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

A visit at "Porsche Museum" in Stuttgart

The "Porsche Museum" at Stuttgart- Zuffenhausen was opened in 2009. Located near the factory of Porsche not only the building is also of course the cars inside are a really attraction for Stuttgart.

Porsche creates since a lot of years dreams with its sports cars.
These cars of the 1950's were built in Austria in Gmünd.

The cars have their special design since a long time ago.
They look nobel and classic and they are furthermore sportive. All these characteristics let them be a legend.

Porsche plays also an important role in motor sports.

This Police car was a present from Porsche to the federal land of "Baden-Württemberg".

The Porsche 911 is one of these cars which propagate the myth of Porsche.

In these days there was an exhibitions of artist from south America which designed Porsche bonnets to their ideas.


  1. I like the picture with the bonnets. When I was in Stuttgart last August, I wanted to visit the museum but didn' t have the time.


  2. someone likes good looking cars?:-) some have very bonbon-like colours...the building seems interesting too! sunny smiles from tulipland:-)))