Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Esslingen: Christmas Market and more...

The very old and handsome city of Esslingen with its Christmas Market is really an ideal place for having some an entertaining time on a sunday afternoon.

During these weeks before Christmas Esslingen not only presents a Christmas Market. There also exists a Medieval Market. This combination of these two different markets is the biggest of its kind in southern Germany. Many handmade articles and a lot of very original things can be found by strolling across the market, for example this selection of spices...

...or this very special bottles with wine of raspberries, elder and more...


  1. I had never heard about Eslingen but the Christmas market looks great.


  2. woww, fantastic nightshots...can I order one bottle wine of raspberry pls?.-)))

  3. Sorry Jana, we bought only a bottle with wine of elder:-( Maybe next year?!?