Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

Les Saintes - archipel au sud de la Guadeloupe

"Les Saintes" are seven island situated in the south of Guadeloupe. Only two of these islands are inhabited. Here you can find some lonely beaches and wunderful bays. Some poeple say that these islands are the most beutiful in the Caribbean. The crossing by boat isn`t funny because there are often big waves and a rough sea, but therefore you will see the paradise. We only stayed there for two hours between two dives so we couldn`t leave "Terre-de-Haut". But this little town is really a lovely location with it`s Caribbean houses and fantastic french atmosphere.


  1. I simply love, love, love les saintes...merci b for all these happy colours!
    one may find the same architecture: "cases creoles" here, in la Reunion too:-)

  2. ich will wieder nach les Saintes-tauchen, spazieren,säfte trinken,mmmmmmmm-paradisiesch!