Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

A trip to the eastend of "Grand Terre" (Guadeloupe)

At the eastend of Guadeloupe some very fissured cliffs are building the barrier to the Atlantic Ocean.
This place is called "Pointe de Chateaux". Climbing the hill you`ll have a view to the island situated in front of Guadeloupe called "La Desirade".

Along the road back to "St. Francois" in the south there are many very beautiful beaches like this one.

On the beach in the white sand we found some alluvial corals.

On our way back home to Basse Terre we visited the old slave market at Petit-Canal with it`s memorial.

 every evening here in paradise once again a beautiful evening atmosphere "au port de Petit-Canal".

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  1. fantasisch das letzte Foto, kenne gar nicht euer zweiter Stop von diesem Blog...viel Spass noch:-)))