Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012


Winter in the south west of Germany

Two weeks ago, we had in Europe a cold snap and the temperatures fell in the basement. Entire regions are frozen and firmly in the hand of father Frost.

Despite the -17 °C, we have made a trip to admire the winter wonderland.


Creations of  nature: a frozen jellyfish...

..and a human face...

A fabulous black & white winter landscape

Frozen stairs...

Meter high icicles...

Sunrise... a fantastic spectacle between fog, sun and shade


  1. The pictures with the fog are great. What a trip you have made.


  2. fantastisch, ich liebe die letzten 3 ist echt zu kalt manchmal um die Kamera zu bedienen draussen, aber so was von wert! hoffe euch zwei geht es wieder besser, lg aus Tulpenland, nun ohne Eis:(