Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

Vasa - A wonderful sculpture

The Vasa should be the largest warship of the 17th century. King Gustav II Adolf of Sweden let build this ship in 1625. The dutch ship master builder Henrik Hybertsson was brought to sweden for this prestigious project. 1000 oak trees where searched by carpenters and cut just for the Vasa. The construction began in january of 1626. More than 700 wooden sculptures and carvings where build in one year. Some of them with grotesque faces, just to demonstrate the power of swedens marine. Due to a construction fault, the first voyage was not long. Wind blasts put the ship sideways, water goes inside and it sank within a very short time.

After 333 years on the sea ground, the shipwreck was discovered in 1956 and recovered in 1961. Today the Vasa is an extraordinary art treasure. The world's only 17th-Century ship, which is still preserved to over 95 per cent of original parts. A lot of small models demonstrates the splendor and the disaster. It's an unique experience to visit this museum and to see this ship.

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