Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

Panoramic view to Stockholm (Sweden)

For having a panoramic view to Stockholm the tower "Kaknästornet" is really suitable. It was planned and built between 1964-1967 and it is about 155 m high (170 m with antenna).  From the upper observatory deck (level 31) the visitor has a very nice view to the capital of Sweden.

A view from the tower to the royal palace (swedish: Kungliga slottet) the official residence of the swedish monarch.

In the south is a verly large dome, called SkyView - the largest spherical building in the world.

For all, which the winter is a little bit too cold outside, in the 30th floor of the tower exists a small restaurant and bar. Here you can take a seat and enjoy the panoramic view from inside.

At the bottom of the tower, in the gift shop, the visitors should take a look behind the racks...

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  1. als ich da war, war ich auf dem Town Hall oben, auch super view auf Gambla Stan und den Rest....tolle Fotos in Weiss:-)