Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

A walk through Frankfurt

Frankfurt is primarily known as the city of banks and skyscrapers. But when you walk through Frankfurt you also discover some very old and historic buildings.
But we will start with the "new" buildings: The skyscraper in the European Central Bank extends far into the sky.

The Main Tower, with panoramic views of Frankfurt. From here, it is also the skyscrapers of the financial district well put in place.

 In St. Paul's Church (Paulskirche) the first German parliament were gathered. Here also the first democratic constitution of Germany was created in 1848.

 The "Römer" in the square is home to the town hall of Frankfurt.

On the east side of the square you will find this beautiful half-timbered house fronts.

Also on the square is the old Church of St. Nicholas (Alte Nikolaikirche) with the justice fountain (Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen) in the foreground.

With the "Kaiserdom" Frankfurt has another very nice looking old church.

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