Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

The castle of the "Hohenzollern" in Sigmaringen

In the southwest of Germany on a rock near the Danube lies the castle of the noble family of "Hohenzollern Sigmaringen". Even from a distance you can see the castle. The "Hohenzollern" were one of the most important dynasties in Germany. They were and are related to many noble families in Europe. Until today, much pomp and circumstance are obtained inside the castle. Unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures in the castle, so here we show only a few pictures from the outside and from the courtyard.

 The emblem of the "Hohenzollern" of Sigmaringen:


  1. It is a very nice castle. Good article.


  2. so beautiful! I have never heart of the cstle although the name of dynasty is familar to me...happy new week to both of u!