Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

Prospects of the "Pfänder" (Bregenz, Austria)

The "Pfänder" is a scenic mountain, which offers on days like this a gorgeous view of Lake Constance and the mountains of Vorarlberg. With a height of 1064 m, although not very high, but he processed all the more. He can be controlled either ascend by cable car or on foot. At the top there is not only the fantastic panorma. Furthermore there is a Alpenwildpark (animal park) with mouflon, wild boar and ibex. You can also take off from here and make wonderful walks in the "Bregenzerwald".


  1. It was a golden october day with a lot of sun, azure sky and wonderful almost endless view over the lake of constance. J&C

  2. einfach wunderschööööön! tolle Postkarten-Aussichten, ich kenne es nicht!